JAG Force Security (JFS) mobile patrols are a ground vehicle used by our officers to assist with their duties in patrolling and responding to untoward incidents. Typical uses of our mobile patrol include transportation of officers to reach the scene of an incident swiftly or to patrol an area, whilst providing a high visibility deterrent to crime.

We create an internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains indistinct for any unwanted visitors.

JFS officers, fully trained SIA licensed mobile patrol officers wear the highly recognisable uniform and drive our mobile vehicles, which again act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorised people on site, therefore, reducing the likelihood of theft, crime and vandalism to property and premises.

A mobile patrol officer not only deters criminal activity, they also alert our trained and licensed officers to the threat of other inherent danger of fire, flood or other damaging source such as electrical faults.


Supervising a construction site is a very demanding job – and crime prevention is often not a top priority. Yet the losses from theft suffered by the construction industry have been estimated at around £43 million a year – over £1 million every week. (Figures for 2005; Source – The Home Office).

Construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Constant staff turnover means it is difficult to keep good security records – and the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for successful thieves.

JFS recognises that the importance of building site security and we take great responsibilities ensuring the buildings site is safe and sound. We patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains indistinct for any unwanted visitors.

We offer a complete building site security to protect your building site, construction site or vacant.


JAG Force Security provides concierge service. Our concierge officers are responsible for the overall security of all visitors, staff or member of public to a residential location/area with having a high standard professionalism.  With a smile and welcoming images, they play a vital role on providing excellence services while maintaining authority and access control.

We carefully select our concierge personnel and ensure that they are fully trained in meet and greet procedures, to ensure that they become part of the team.

We ensure that on-going training enables us to monitor the standards of our concierge, giving our clients the satisfaction that they are performing and delivering a professional service to residents & visitors.

Concierge services include:

  • Access Control
  • Porterage Services
  • Corporate Concierge Services
  • Proving information regarding, taxi services, laundry services and the history / local knowledge of your location.


JAG Force Security (JFS) management has many years of experience in dealing with all types of events. These range from small private occasions to large scale music festivals and sports ground for cricket, football, rugby, tennis etc etc. Professional and reliable staff, of the highest integrity, provides promoters with confidence when dealing with all aspects of event deployment including. Discreet and absolute representation of the client needs and requirements.

Multi agency pre-event planning and liaison, consultation and assessment of the requirements for the event. Provision of suitable, trained and qualified staff to carry out all necessary functions associated with the event (Perimeter security; backstage security; Security response teams; all aspects of traffic management; Safety officers and Personal protection for high profile guests or artists during arrival and departure from the site.

JFS takes pride in its operation. All staff performs to the highest standards to ensure that we maximise the safety of those attending your event, whilst maintaining and protecting the reputation and corporate image of the client.

We will tailor our response to suit the needs of the event and thereafter provide a high profile or discreet service applicable to the client’s preferences.


Hospital security is a unique challenge and employs a large workforce like the NHS Trust sites. Variety of people makes up the typical hospital environment – patients, staff, vendors, physicians, visitors and even their enemies. Hospitals have many different rooms and spaces, high-value equipment, accessibility to drugs (hospital-based Pharmacy), many entrances and ease-of-movement around the building and premises.

It all adds up to a need for different approaches to security. Hospital Managers base their security decisions on law, costs, and fear of litigation, and to protect their facility’s reputation. But the critical assets of a hospital – its people, property, information and reputation – must be protected with good security and this is the priority of JFS Security

The main threats in a hospital environment as insider/employee theft, outsider gang members, visitor thefts, threats against patients or staff, and crimes of opportunity.

JAG Force Security (JFS) will undertake risk assessments and analyse security needs as consultation by listing the departments, reviewing the business culture of the hospital, determining the threat levels in each department, interviewing department heads about threats and crime, and planning possible counter-measures for each department.

We will help develop a master plan and review it against a “reality check” on the basis for the plan and the tools that will be needed. High-tech choices include alarm systems, access control systems, photo identification, CCTV, two-way voice communications and weapons screening systems.

Indeed hospital security is unique, but with good planning, protection of its assets can be enhanced. We ensure that good planning with budgets constraints to provide safety across various sites within the NHS Trust sites.


The hotel and hospitality industry is one which is based on service and customer delivery, and with good service comes good security; this goes hand in hand. JFS recognises that the security of the guest is integral to the success of the hotel enterprise, as poor security can expose guests to a wide range of risks and compromise the reputation of the hotel.

Security is an essential investment for the success of a hotel, however large or small it is the guest’s peace of mind is central to whether or not they will return to stay again. There are particular risks that are pervasive in hotels one of which is unauthorised visitors. Any detection of unauthorised or suspicious visitors should be communicated immediately to patrolling security staff that is fully trained to deal with the situation in a safe and professional way, causing minimal disruption.

Other key security measures include key/door security and control, adequate staff identification measures, front desk security, corridor patrolling and CCTV and camera control.


As a business, it can be difficult to find a dependable and trustworthy personnel to do daily locks and unlocks on your premises. Having one of our Officers to do this can cut the cost of key replacements and reduce time lost through waiting for the correct person to open up the premises.

It also means that the premises can be opened for lone workers or deliveries at short notice. This service is especially appropriate on days when the premises are not usually open such as weekends or Bank Holidays when sending a member of staff would be both expensive and unsociable.

Our licensed security officers are responsible for locking up at night after workers have gone home, and returning in the morning to do the unlocking and check the safety and security of the building.

In addition, a 24 hour call out service means that even at very short notice an officer can be at the premises ready to carry out the necessary checks. Our fully trained and SIA licensed staff, will thoroughly patrol and secure your buildings, as stipulated by you in our Assignment Instructions.

Our officers can turn off lights and equipment, whilst also ensuring that windows and doors are securely closed and locked, reducing energy bills, whilst also securing your site.
We create an internal and external patrol routes to act as an effective deterrent, and these will be carried out randomly, so that the pattern of patrols remains indistinct for any unwanted visitors

A full report of the Patrol can be available to you immediately by email, which will highlight the time of the patrol, the name of the Officer that carried out the patrol, and any further information you may need to know, such as safety or security locks hazards that have been found during the patrol.  The Officer will then lock and secure the building before leaving site.


The ever-evolving world of retail security provides JAG Force Security (JFS) with the opportunity to develop its security solutions. From Shopping Centers to High Streets or affluent destinations to deprived communities, the challenges facing our Officers are very diverse.

These differing environments dictate the skill base required of our Officers and we are unique to provide these services.

At the higher end of the Market Sector, Customer Care and advisory skills are essential, whereas in the socially more challenging locations, the focus is concentrated on public safety and profit protection of customer assets.

JFS has developed a range of training modules that reflect the specific retail environment.
The partnership of our Branch teams with our Customers provides the ideal opportunity to understand the economic, demographic and logistical challenges facing our Customer and provides the opportunity to discuss, agree and implement a bespoke solution for each location.


If you have problems with vandalism and grooming by predators, issues with unauthorised people on site out of hours as well as valuable equipment to protect, JAG Force Security (JFS) have the cost-effective solution for you. With new high tech teaching practices comes expensive equipment on site, which can often be targeted by thieves, reducing the effectiveness of teaching practices and often disrupting lesson plans.
We are already working in many local areas with a variety of schools to ensure staff and pupils are protected and premises are not defaced or accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Our levels of service range from key holding and alarm response, to mobile patrols, locks and unlocks. JFS have a variety of ways to integrate the services mentioned here, from a basic cover package, to school holiday cover and then for more troubled schools in a deprived inner city area, a fully integrated package to protect both the students and teachers.


We can offer our services under a temporary contract, so you get all the benefits of our services, without being locked in.

We can service your premises for any period of time that you specify, whether it be for a few days, a 1 month period or a 3 month period. We have the flexibility to cover all your security needs.

We offer: –

  • Home Security (we protect your home, whilst you or your family are away on a vacation or business trip)
  • Private party at home/residents
  • Mobile patrols
  • Building/premises locks and unlocks.
  • Event Security
  • Vacant property checks and alarm response.

Why Choose Us

We deliver the highest quality security and guarding services in the industry. Through consultancy, we assess your existing provision and design a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. We have experience of delivering security and guarding services to clients in an array of settings, from corporate offices, Business Parks, Hospitalities to educational group

What Client’s Say


“We found Jag Force very professional, pro-active and very conscious of health and safety. Most of all their interpersonal skills are exceptional with the guests and the management”



“Millions of pound constructions project achieved with the excellent help and security assistance provided by JFS and their team.



“December 2017 – Jag Force Security been accredited with Safe Contractor”